Cancellation Policy

Our Price & Cancellation Policy

1.  Every pre-booking with us attracts a 50 % deposit so as to secure reservations made. If the payment is not received, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.
2.  If the 50% deposit is paid and there are cancellation, it is our right to retain the deposit as our service fees.
3.  We will provide the services requested for by the client and these should be paid in full.
4. Occasionally there are some changes that can induce certain alterations to your booking and it’s a small world will not be held responsible for these changes. An example of this is a scenario where the number of people expected to check in does not tally as per what was agreed with any of our representatives. In this case, the clients will incur the cost for the reserved rooms. The financial changes for any amenity requested by the client are not our responsibility.
5.  Refunds should be communicated 2 days prior, and will be processed within 7 working days, attracting a 20% cancellation fee. We are not liable for short notice cancellation (we retain the facility fees).
6. If a client requests a refund, the credentials from where the initial payment was generated are maintained (i.e., bank account details, phone number). No random banking details will be processed!