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Child Future Africa believes in ‘giving children a future’, but we believe that we cannot do it alone as it is a consented effort of every stakeholder in the global community. In Zimbabwe children below the age of 15 constitute an estimated 47% of the total population and sadly 1 in every 3 children in this age bracket is orphaned, with parents having fallen victim of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. These children not only need our help, they need your assistance as well. Make a conscious decision to make a significant contribution in a child’s life and “give that child a future.”

CFA 1st group of kids

There are so many ways in which you can touch the lives of these special children by way of volunteering your skills, we have identified the following key areas though you are not restricted to just stated assistance areas;

How YOU can “Give a Child A Future”
1. Those that are artistic can help by painting our orphanage to spruce up the image of the center. Maybe you do not have the skills to but you have the money, why not donate towards this cause
2. The orphanage is in need of curtains in the dormitories where our children sleep and in their public use areas. You can assist by meeting the cost of supplying curtains for the orphanage so that the center is homely for our children
3. You can volunteer your time as well, help us impart life skills into our children, skills that will enable them to develop an entrepreneurial mind and to allow them to earn money out of what they can do, such skills as dress making, art, sculpturing, building, etc
4. Education is an investment that cannot be overemphasized, volunteer your time and skill by taking our children for classes in such subjects as English, Mathematics, Geography, General Knowledge, among others. Even a foreign language…why not???
5. We would also appreciate volunteers who conduct awareness campaigns/workshops with our children so that they are educated and informed about HIV/AIDS

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