Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-camp

Wilderness Camp

“Discover nature’s hidden wonder with native biodiversity and cultural heritage. Packed with inestimable exploration, unique and authentic experience”.

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Located in the north of Zimbabwe, near the towns of Guruve and Centenary, lies Mavuradonha Wilderness area. It covers approximately 600km2 of wild and rugged country along the Zambezi Escarpment. It is a national and regionally important sight engulfed with rich biodiversity comprising of a total checklist of 229 bird species, 41 species of large and medium sized mammals.

Through the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development it was declared a protected area by the Muzarabani Rural District Council in 1988 in recognition of its scenic beauty and conservation value. It is one of Zimbabwe’s successful Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) project. It was set up to ensure that the local community derive direct benefit from tourism in their area and therefore recognise the value of wildlife. A series of reputable tourist activities have been designed to maintain the atmosphere of the wilderness.

“Mavuradonha wilderness performance is an innovative approach to community conservation and rural development. Aimed at contributing to individual, household and global responsibility of stimulating long term developments and sustainable use of the natural resources in communal areas”.

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Engage in local cultures and the unique essence of the wilderness and its surroundings. Excellent for family, romantic getaways, educational retreats and day visits. For a small fee, visitors can participate in all activities.





Hiking trails

$ 3

$ 5

Waterfall dipping

$ 2

$ 4

Communal area tour

$ 3

$ 4

Heritage sight-seeing


$ 3

Hiking trails- The journey to the Eagles Craig is an enlightening hike as the trail crosses paths with those used by Elephants on their way to the Musengezi watering hole. The hike adventure is packed with educational information on elephants, encompassing elephant spoor identification, scat identification, elephant population of Muzarabani and contribution to the Zimbabwe elephant population, their importance to the community and the ecosystem at large. The Eagles Craig view point provides a breath-taking view of the Musengezi River as it meanders in the valley down to the Zambezi River below the peak. This activity also offers unparalleled photographic opportunities and grass/tree identification and tailored to the fitness of the hikers.

*The hike to the Eagles Crag via the Mafura-Nzou trail takes about 3-4hours to and from the view point*

Waterfall dipping- The eye catching Sohwe Falls provide a magnificent view of the valley. Sohwe has an UPPER and LOWER fall, with the lower falls offering a refreshing environment which can be used for picnics, swimming and soul healing through meditation.

*There are two options to get to the falls which are taking a vehicle ride or go on foot using the Alpha dirt road trail that is marked by white paint on the right hand side of the trail*

Communal area tour- The tour to the local community allows one to interact with the Mavhuradonha locals, experience their day to day activities and their way of life. Local culture is also explored during this tour (DANDANDA dance at the camp bonfire).

Heritage sight-seeing- This tour is the first of its kind in the Muzarabani area. It is designed at showcasing the rich history of the Muzarabani society that dates back to the roots of Zimbabwe during the era of adventurous Moyo ruler Nyatsimba Mutota who was a descendant of the Mutapa Dynasty. The tour also aims at impacting the indigenous knowledge system upon the young minds, showcasing heritage structures, trees and rivers and their importance importance and history.

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The volunteering and conservation platform serves to develop sustainable long term initiatives that will impact on communities and conservation efforts. Additionally, allowing individuals or groups to engage in local cultures and the unique essence of the wilderness and its surroundings.

Volunteers will be based at the comfortable Mavuradonha eco-camp, located 180km2 from Harare with access to all camp facilities (Double Chalets, Double Chalets En-Suite, Basha, Camping Site).

Volunteer project package

  1. Community participation

Mavuradhona is very involved with the local communities, to create good relationships and reputation. Therefore, volunteers will engage and assist in activities that will help in enriching the lives of the local people both young and old, as well as crafting wildlife conservation in areas of interest. Assistance is provided through the following:

  • Offer teaching and mentoring assistance to disadvantaged children at local schools on wildlife and environmental conservation (which is not part of the conventional educational curriculum).

  • Offer counselling sessions to promote physical and emotional growth.

  • Engage in Human wildlife training and awareness activities.

  • Help with building projects.

  • Participating in cultural activities to capture the local indigenous knowledge systems.

  1. Wildlife management

Wildlife management includes several distinct activities aiming at making an impact in wildlife protection and management. Individuals will undertake hands-on work and gain experience in eco-camp management, general maintenance of facilities, anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring. An opportunity of carrying out research is welcomed as this will impact on cross-cutting policies. A summary of activities offered are:

  • Routine patrols done on foot, aimed at identifying poacher tracks, dog trails, snare collection and dead animal pickups.

  • Inspection of camp facility and maintenance of general structures.

  • Tour guiding.

  • Provision of salt licks on wildlife hotspot zones.

  • Advocate hospitality.

  • Wildlife photography.

  • Wildlife research.

  1. Spare time expeditions

Mavuradhona provides a variety of fantastic activities which one can enjoy during spare time. Time off activities include:

  • Wildlife and excellent bird viewing (guided walks).

  • Multitude of horse safari options to take depending on your riding ability (includes sleeping on a mountain top or the sandy floor of a cave).

  • Bush camping.

  • Adventurous walking safari from the Mavuradonha Mountains across the escarpment and down into the Mana Pools National Park to the shores of the Zambezi.

  • Hiking the park’s designated 3–7 km trails.

  • Exploration of bushman paintings.

  • Waterfall dipping in Sohwe Falls, Kemavanga Falls and Bore Spring.

Detailed package pricing

Volunteer avocation represents voluntary service experiences that include travel to a destination in order to realize one’s service intentions, thus one gives back to the place that they are visiting; contributing to either community development or conservation. Facilitating volunteer programmes comes at a cost, hence this is where the stipulated volunteer fees come in.

Fig 1: detailed package pricing




2 weeks

$ (USD) 1452

3 weeks

$ (USD) 1753

4 weeks

$ (USD) 1954

5 weeks

$ (USD) 2255

6 weeks

$ (USD) 2556

7 weeks

$ (USD) 2757

8 weeks

$ (USD) 3158


Prices Include:

  • Airport collection and returns.

  • Accommodation and food, including 3 meals a day.

  • Support on every project and at the volunteer accommodation by onsite staff.

Our Prices Exclude:

  • Medical and travel insurance.

  • Flights to your chosen destination.

  • Weekend trips and other non-project activities.

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