Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-camp

Wilderness Camp

The Mavhuradonha Wilderness camp has a capacity of 200 guest. Our Accommodation facilities range from Bashas, Double beds and Single beds with shared toilets Chalets

We offer low budget facilities designed to suit your needs.




The Wilderness camp offers a collection of activities ranging from site cultural heritage tour, sporting activities, picnic facilities and entertainment that is provided by the locals.

  • Site cultural heritage and environment tour

This tour is the first of its kind in the Muzarabani area. It is designed at showcasing the rich history of the Muzarabani society that dates back to the roots of Zimbabwe during the era of adventurous Moyo ruler Nyatsimba Mutota who was a descendant of the Mutapa Dynasty. The tour also aims at impacting environmental knowledge upon the young minds that is the indigenous trees and rivers found on the camp their names, importance and history.

  • Village Tour

The village tour provides first-hand experience of communal life and it allows one to interact with the Mavhuradonha locals experience their day to day activities and their way of life. Local culture is also explored during this tour (DANDANDA dance at the camp bonfire)

  • Sporting Activities

Sporting activities offered at the camp encourages self-discipline, team playing abilities, boosts one’s health and self-esteem.

  • Picnic and Braai Facilities

The Mavhuradonha Wilderness camp provides picnic and braai facilities that promote family bonding filled with adventure these facilities are offered all year round along the Kemavanga riverside creating a unique picnic and braai sites.

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