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About Zimbabwe

One of the world's most beautiful countries is ready to welcome you

For most outsiders a trip to Zimbabwe may still seem like a risky idea. But despite the economic troubles of recent years the country remains one of the safest places in Africa for tourists and offers some of the finest landscape and wildlife anywhere in the world.

The two main safaris parks at Hwange in the West and Mana Pools in the North are remote and virtually unspoilt by the development of tourism. Visitors will see huge populations of lions, elephants, buffalo, hippos, antelope and birds and in many cases will be able to camp (with guards) in amongst the wildlife.

At 108m high and 1.7km wide the famous Victoria Falls are an unmissable part of any trip to Zimbabwe. The power and size of what has been called one of the seven natural wonders of the world is awe-inspiring and unforgettable. During the rainy season (October-March) the river is at its highest and spray from the falls can be seen for miles around. Don't forget to bring a jacket!

Zimbabwe's ancient history can be appreciated at many rock and cave painting sites but the country's past is perhaps most impressively visible at Great Zimbabwe. The ruined medieval city is the largest and best-preserved in Sub-Saharan Africa and was home to a Bantu population of at least 10,000. The site demonstrates the vast network of pre-Colonial trade and communication that existed across Africa.

Culture, entertainment and dining can be found in the vibrant capital Harare and walkers and wildlife lovers will love the peace and quiet of Vumba where It's A Small World will make you feel welcome and at home.

Our staff can reccomend the best places to go and help you to organise transport and accomodation. Whatever you are interested in we want to make your trip to Zimbabwe special and memorable.